NEW GGHA Goalie Incentives!


To encourage players to become Goalies at the U11-U18 divisions we have initiated the following Goalie incentives for the 2021-22 season. These incentives are an increase from our pre-COVID incentive of a 50% discount toward the next season’s fees for full time goalies and 25% for part time goalies.

For the 2021-22 season we have increased our Goalie Incentive as follows:

  • A 75% reduction in GGHA registration fees for any full-time goalies NEW to GGHA
  • For Goalies registered with GGHA in past seasons a 90% reduction in registration fees for full time* goalies and 75% for part time** goalies
  • For players already registered with GGHA but who are willing to become a part-time goalie a rebate of 75% of the registration fees will be provided later in the season.
  • For all incentives full participation in practices, development sessions, games and scrimmages is required.
  • Goalie equipment is provided to teams at U7-U11 as well as to U13 – U18 upon request

At U7 and U9 Hockey Canada recommends that all players try the position as part of the player development pathway. Full time goalies are not recommended in these divisions.

GGHA Goalie’s will receive additional development sessions with Dave Stathos – Goalie Performance Center.


*Full time goalies are the only goalie on the team and attend all events and games

**Part time goalies share the position with another goalie i.e. the team has two goalies