Hockey Clinics



Head Coaches for a house league team must have

·        Coach Stream course,

·        Respect in Sport and

·        A completed Police Record Check.

Assistant Coaches for a house league team must have:

·        Respect in Sport and

·        A completed PRC.

Trainers for a house league team must have:

·        Trainer 1,

·        Respect in Sport and

·        A completed PRC.

Managers must have:

·        Respect in Sport and

·        A completed PRC

On-ice helpers must have:

·        Respect in Sport and

·        A completed PRC


GGHA will reimburse you for the cost of your online trainer course if you are the trainer on a GGHA team for the 2013-2014 season AND there are no other qualified trainers for your child's team.  If there is a person who has the trainer’s course already on your child's team, you should contact Melinda Switzer at prior to enrolling and paying for your trainer's course to see if GGHA will reimburse you.

If you are chosen to be a trainer for your child's team, you can take the online course found on the HDCO website.  This course will take you approx 3 hours to complete and will cost you approx $85.


Every person who is an active volunteer for GGHA must take the Respect in Sport (previously Speak Out) course.  You can find the online course HERE.

GGHA will not reimburse anyone for taking the Respect in Sport course.  The cost of approx. $40 will need to be incurred by the individual taking the course or perhaps the team for which you will be a part of the bench staff.

The following volunteers must have the Respect in Sport course:

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant coach
  • Manager
  • Trainer
  • On-ice helper
  • All members of the GGHA executive


NEW Coaching Requirements 

All head coaches for any house league team must be qualified with the Coach Stream course.  This can be further broken down into Intro Coach (C1) for coaches working with 5-6 year olds, and Coach Level (C2) for all other levels.

The Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA) has released new coaching qualifications beginning with the 2015-16 season. If you are an existing or propsective coach, please review the link below to ensure you have a plan in place to achieve your required certifications and other qualifications.

Clinics and certification requirements are listed on the OWHA website at

Volunteers can also search for the appropriate clinics through the Hockey Canada website.  For example, each fall, there are a number Coach and Trainer level courses available in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

The Stittsville Minor Hockey Association also hosts Coach Stream courses each fall.  Please visit the SMHA website for more details.

Please contact Melinda Switzer at prior to enrolling, or you may not receive reimbursement.


It is the policy of the Goulbourn Girls' Hockey Association (GGHA) that all volunteers working directly with children submit to a police record check.  More information can be found on the Police Records Checks page.

Only the Vice President or the President of GGHA can authorize reimbursement for courses taken.  If you choose to do so without permission from either of these two GGHA representatives, your course will NOT be reimbursed.