About us

Mission Statement

To provide a safe, fun and engaged environment for girls to learn and play hockey.

Our Association is governed and operated by volunteers, most of whom are parents of our players. The quality of the players’ experience and the results we see on the ice directly reflect the effort and energy contributed by those who are willing to contribute their time.

Our Vision

To develop our organization and aspire to be a leader in female hockey.

Our Purpose

GGHA was created to provide an opportunity for girls to play ice hockey in their neighbourhood. GGHA offers the opportunity for girls to play on recreational or competitive level teams.

Our Values

•Safety: The safety of our members is paramount.

•Sportsmanship: We compete in a fair and respectful manner.

•Inclusiveness: We encourage participation at all age and skill levels.

•Stewardship: We are committed to modelling leadership behaviors that set an example for others to follow.