2020-21 Season Update

Over the past few weeks we have been working with OWHA and the City of Ottawa to work though COVID-19 protocols, to determine how our season may look. OWHA has indicated that an update will be coming from them, but we thought we would be proactive and give an update based on current guidelines in the meantime.

On Friday we were notified by the City of Ottawa that ice allocation for September has been withdrawn from all Associations and will be redistributed, given that not all facilities will be opening in September. There are currently five pads (not arenas) open in the city and this will increase to 10 pads by September 8th.

The following local arenas are not slated to be opened in September: Kanata Rec Center, Johnny Leroux, Malack and Jack Charron.

The 2020-21 season will comprise mainly of development as the direction we have received from OWHA is that we cannot have tryouts nor sort outs and that teams cannot play games until at least the new year.  Furthermore, our league (the ODWHA), does not plan to organize games until at least the beginning of 2021.

As a clarification, some people have mentioned that other associations are doing things differently and asking why we appear to be so slow getting going this season. They have told us that some teams at the competitive level have already been chosen and practices are happening. GGHA is following the guidelines set out by OWHA (our governing body) to ensure the health and well-being of each and every one of our players. We are also not willing to risk our Association status by not following the rules as they stand.


As we are currently unable to have tryouts or sort outs, we have made the decision to have cohorts or bubbles. Each division will be divided into multiple cohorts.

Cohorts at both house and competitive will have a Head Coach, an assistant coach, and an off-ice trainer. Cohorts will be a maximum size of 18 players including a goalie(s).

Cohorts will be formed based on input from the head coach in conjunction with the Association executive. These cohorts may not reflect the teams formed when approval is given for tryouts to commence. The cohorts are fluid and movement may occur with input from coaches. A cohort is not a team and the membership of each is not set in stone.

Our Competitive Cohort Leaders are:

  • U11 Cohort 1 – Cam Best
  • U11 Cohort 2 – Pat Cusson
  • U13 Cohort 1 – Ryan Pearce
  • U13 Cohort 2 – Greg Moore
  • U18 Cohort 1 – Marc Switalski

We have received quite a bit of feedback from people interested in being our house coaches and should be able to announce those names quite soon.

Intent to Play

Thank you to all who have indicated their Intent to Play this season, some of our divisions are almost full which is wonderful!

We are asking that, if you have not yet decided what to do this season (which is quite understandable considering all the uncertainty around COVID-19), and if you are even slightly leaning toward playing, that you complete the Intent to Play registration form on our website. There is no financial commitment for the Intent to Play registration – all that is required is proof of date of birth.

Please complete the Intent to Play no later than August 31, 2020 as these numbers will help us determine the number of cohorts we will need, and the number of head coaches required at each level.

House League

House league, including cohorts from U7 to U18 will begin activities in October.

Based on past season’s ice allocations from the City of Ottawa most of our ice is on the weekend. House Cohorts from U7 to U13 can expect their ice time to be mainly during the weekend with U15 and U18 cohorts possibly having some later weeknight ice times.

While cohort numbers and sizes may be modified, at this time we are anticipating that our house league season will stretch from October to March 2021.

This season for the house cohorts, your daughter can make two reciprocated friend requests. We will make every effort to accommodate these requests and place them within the same cohort. The Friend Request form has been updated to include fields for two friends. If you have already completed a friend request just go back in and add another name and make sure the friends you have chosen do the same.

Competitive Program

The competitive season will begin with development activities in mid-September. This will be based on our ice allocation from the City of Ottawa.

2019-20 GGHA competitive players, and those who indicated they would like to ‘tryout’ on the Intent to Play form will participate in development sessions, beginning on or after September 12.

The Ontario Hockey Federation has instructed that tryouts for competitive teams will not be permitted during Stage 3 (which will last through the fall at least).

Our plans for 2020-21 are contingent on final approval by the OWHA.


Season Fees

With development in mind, House Cohorts will initially expect one hour a week in ice time. Competitive Cohorts will expect to receive 2 hours. Each cohort may determine additional activities that will be paid for by the cohort members. Elevated options will also be considered for competitive cohorts based on the level of commitment and ice availability.

Season Fee Breakdown:

  • OWHA Insurance Fee
  • 21 weeks of ice between October and March
  • Administrative Fees

With this breakdown of fees:

  • House Cohort players fee = $395
  • Competitive cohort players fee = $710

If the season progresses and games are allowed, then extra fees will be collected to cover the cost of referees and league fees.

This is our intent for the season. Once OWHA has given approval for the season to proceed we will begin to collect registration fees.

Payments can be made by credit card through TeamSnap, e-transfer, or cheque. Payments can be made by post-dated cheque on an agreed-upon frequency, up to December 31, 2020.

In the event that the season is cancelled through no fault of the GGHA, a prorated refund will be issued.

Director of Development

Hand-in-hand with our season focusing on development, we are happy to announce that Marc Switalski will be taking on the role of Director of Development with the Goulbourn Girls Hockey Association. Marc brings with him many years of experience coaching at all levels both house and competitive.